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ECF - Register Your School

How do I register my ECT and ECM for the Early Career Induction Programme?

The DfE has recently updated the instructions for schools to register their Early Career Teachers and Mentors starting in September 2022, as follows:

ECT/ECM registration process

The DfE step-by-step guidance can be accessed here: DfE - how to set up your ECF programme

School Induction Tutors must register their ECTs and Mentors on the DfE Online Service
This information is then sent to the chosen provider and BPN collect additional details directly from the ECTs and ECMs to enable allocation to their local training group.

Not yet registered with Best Practice Network?

  • If your school has not yet had an ECT, or is changing Lead Provider, you will be prompted with instructions for next steps within the DfE Online Service. 
  • If your school has not yet had an ECT or is changing Lead Provider to Best Practice Network, the school will also need to register with Best Practice Network via the BPN website: BPN - school ECF registration form

Things to note

  • Schools already working with Best Practice Network do not need to re-register with BPN
  • Schools do not need to re-register ECTs and ECMs moving into the second year of their ECF programme

DfE ‘Check Data’ for ECTs and ECMs
The DfE has advised that schools can check the data held about their early career teachers and mentors via this link:
DfE Check Data Service - ECTs and ECMs

Timeline for September 2022

Once Induction Tutors/ECF Coordinators have input the ECT and ECM details into the DfE online service, the ECTs/ECMs will be sent a follow-on BPN registration form to capture additional information (please select BTSA from the list of delivery partners as this will ensure that you are allocated to our local provision). Upon completion of the registration form they will be sent a welcome pack which will include preparatory information about the ECF programme, their ECT/ECM Handbook as well as a list of links to register themselves for their Induction Conference.

For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit BPN’s ECF - frequently asked questions or email their ECF participant support team at Should you have any questions about our local ECF delivery provision or require any additional support, please contact Denise Mair at and I will be very happy to assist. 

ECF Schools Dashboard

The Best Practice Network ECF School Dashboard is a user-friendly way for Headteachers and Induction Tutors to find and view key information about their ECTs and Mentors.

Key benefits include:

  • Monitor ECT / Mentor registrations and information
  • ECT / mentor programme schedules to support with engagement, workload planning and staff cover
  • Make changes to participant details
  • Access the latest newsletters, policies and guidance
  • Monitor ECT and mentor progress and attendance (from Sept 22) 

To find out more about the School Dashboard please visit: Best Practice Network - our ECF dashboard explained

All Induction Tutors are also granted access to the BPN Virtual Learning Environment (Canvas) which provides a detailed and interactive view of their ECT / mentor learning.

Further Information

For further information on their Early Career Development programme, please select the links below: 

BPN Early Career Framework brochure

Best Practice Network Early Career Framework

Best Practice Network - Links and Resources

Best Practice Network - ECF preview online learning

Should you require further details regarding ECF delivery within our area or support with registering your ECT/ECM, please email Denise Mair, BTSA Manager and she will be very happy to provide additional information and support.