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Research demonstrates that high quality CPD for teachers has a significant positive effect on pupil outcomes and is the most cost-effective way to boost pupil attainment

How This Course Is Assessed

You will become highly reflective during your training and will be involved in regular, ongoing formative assessment of your training with your in-school mentor and external mentor. You will identify your strengths and gaps and work with your mentors to focus on developing your knowledge and skills. You will receive regular feedback on your teaching throughout the year to help you refine your practice.

On the PGCE route there will be three assignments to be completed, 2 of 4500 words and 1 of 3000 words. (on the QTS route this is 2 of 3000 words). The first two are due in December and April and the third, an active enquiry, runs for the whole year. Research is carried out in school and a classroom intervention is implemented which is informed by the pertinent reading and research. 

Finally, at the end of training, assessment is made against the Teachers’ Standards.