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Research demonstrates that high quality CPD for teachers has a significant positive effect on pupil outcomes and is the most cost-effective way to boost pupil attainment
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We use cookies... and below you'll find out why:

Whilst we are not obliged to make a declaration on the use of cookies on our website, we have decided to do so to allay any fears you may have.

This website uses essential functional (session) cookies, which do not identify you in any way.

If you are concerned you have the option to disable cookies in your browser (see below). However it is totally unnecessary and may affect some of the functionality when using our site.

What is a cookie and how do we use them?

Cookies are harmless pieces of information stored on your computer. They are not spyware.

They create a unique, randomly generated code that enables us to retain information as you move from page to page on our site and the cookie automatically "dies" at the end of the session.

We use cookies in conjunction with Google Analytics to track the sources from which visitors enter our site (e.g. from a Google search) and to identify the most popular pages.

This information is completely anonymous and cannot be traced back to you in any way.

How you can enable or disable cookies

In most browsers, you need to look under Settings, then Privacy. There is normally a tick box or similar where you can enable or disable cookies. You can also enable them per site. Some browsers have privacy settings such as high, medium and low privacy protection. at its best, without compromising your privacy.