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NEW CPD 2023/24: All-day conference by Andrew Moffatt, inspirational author of NO OUTSIDERS - Monday 20th November at Thundersley Primary School
Posted Tuesday 13th June 2023 3:17PM | News Categories

The BTSA is delighted to be able to invite all primary staff to attend a one-day conference by Andrew Moffatt, author of the No Outsiders resource currently used in hundreds of schools across the UK to teach children about diversity and difference and prepare them for life in modern Britain.

No Outsiders promotes a vision of community cohesion and an ethos of inclusion and tolerance. The book and workshops were designed to further support educators to deliver the message through assemblies, lesson plans and classes. The No Outsiders resource was originally piloted by Andrew Moffatt in 2014 at his own school and published in 2015. Following numerous awards, including an MBE, the No Outsiders charity was launched in 2019 with Andrew as co-founder and CEO.

Andrew's conferences and speeches have been described as 'inspirational' and his message shines through:
'You belong; everyone is welcome, there are no outsiders here!'

No Outsiders conference
Monday 20th November 2023

  • 9.00am-10.30am - What is no outsiders? Background, legal and statutory duties, lessons learned from parent protests, no outsiders film.

  • 10.45am-12.30pm - Deep dive into resources - 42 picture books with examples of children's work.

  • 1.15pm-3.00pm - Establishing the ethos - Using assemblies to develop the ethos, use of parent workshops, links to oracy, next steps.

Andrew Moffatt

Andrew has been a teacher since 1996 and is currently Personal Development Lead for Excelsior MAT and Assistant Head at Green Meadow Primary School in Birmingham. He is author of the No Outsiders resource teaching children about diversity and preparing them for life in modern Britain. In 2019, protests emerged outside Andrew's school against LGBTQ+ equality in No Outsiders. As a result, Andrew was awarded "Role model of the year" by Pink News and "Hero of the year" by the European Diversity Awards. Today No Outsiders is a registered charity. 

Please view attached flyer for programme details: No Outsiders conference by Andrew Moffatt

Our No Outsiders conference is aimed at all staff within primary schools to build confidence and enthusiasm for developing their equality and diversity vision and school ethos. 


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